Benny Wollin

Composer of Film, TV, and Game Music

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Big Buck Bunny - Complete Audio Makeover


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The Things I'm Best At


I have formal training from Fred Sturm at Lawrence University, as well as years of experience writing for real musicians.


I have been producing virtual music since the days of Windows 3.11, and have sold everything from orchestral to electronic, ambient, and rock.


With my experience in music education, I have learned to listen to others and communicate about music with them, without the jargon.


A Few Words about Me

Benny Wollin (pronounced Voh-LEEN) was born and raised in Germany. He has always been fascinated with music production, creating an entire album of MIDI music by the age of 14.

He studied music at Carl Sandburg College and Lawrence University, graduating in Piano Performance. Since then, he has been active composing, teaching, and performing.

Benny likes hosting, coconuts, and explaining things. He lives with his wife and three children in Appleton, Wisconsin.


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