Benny Wollin

Award-winning composer based in the Midwest.

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Award winning composer Benny Wollin was born and raised in Germany and is currently residing in the Midwest United States. Raised by parents who encouraged his musical interests, he undertook classical and jazz training, listening to, performing, and composing for all manner of instruments and styles.

His music is full of color and layers, though he enjoys contrasting that with minimal writing where the music is supporting other elements. He enjoys experimenting with unique instrument combinations, giving each project its own color, and his melodies are memorable.

The middle child in a large family, he is gifted at effectively communicating with others to discover exactly what they want to accompany their films, video games, commercials, and other media projects. He begins every project at the piano, carefully planning each note.


Phone: + 1 920 540 2238
Address: 1620 S Lawe Street, Ste 3, Appleton, WI, 54915